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Wear your purse
without it constantly
slipping off

your shoulders!

The only accessory for purses that stops
the frustation from constantly falling straps.

The Bag Bug is an unique and first-of-its-kind functional and
fashion-forward purse accessory, unlike anything you've ever experienced.

bag bug in hands

Finally Freedom!
Wear your purse without frustration!

Designed for the fashionable yet practical woman in mind,
the Bag Bug alleviates the most common frustrations of wearing a purse every day.

The 3 key benefits:

  • Prevents your handbag from constantly slipping off the shoulder
  • Adds relieving comfort to the shoulder area (making the purse feel less heavy)
  • Keeps your handbag off the floor by hanging it on a corner of a table, bar, or counter top, as well as on the back of a chair

bag bug on shoulder

It also complements your handbag beautifully with its
luxury eye-catching accessory appeal!

Made of high quality stainless steel, precious metal plating, and cubic zirconias,
The Italian Collection adds beautiful jewel-like appeal to any purse.

Wear it. Love it. Adore it.

bag bug on shoulder

They adopted Bag Bug...
and they never leave it behind!

review 1

« Do you know that moment when you are in a bar standing next to a table and there is no place for your bag? Well this accessory will find a place for your bag at any table corner or chair. » - Myriam

review 2

« 1. They're gorgeous!! 2. They work best for me by placing it toward the front of the shoulder! 3. Great product. » - Rachel

review 3

« It's an awesome product! It keeps the straps on my shoulder and it stays put wherever I hang it! One of my favorite things is that it keeps both of my straps together! NO more falling off my shoulder! It's so pretty too! » - Jennifer

What you will experience...

  • Relief from the constant slipping and falling of the straps with the slightest of movements
  • If your purse has 2 straps, the Bag Bug will keep them both on your shoulders!
  • Comfort from the straps digging into your shoulder
  • And trend-setting fashion!

Wear the Bag Bug with...

Any style and type of purse and straps!

bag bug on shoulder

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